Plano Self Defense Studio

Proudly serving the Dallas Metroplex, Plano Self Defense Studio is honored to be recognized throughout Texas and Internationally.  We teach the martial arts solely for defense and we convey an attitude of respect.  We encourage family participation and our programs build self confidence in both children and adults.

Our teaching method is based on a layering format; learning the individual pieces of each new technique and then putting them together. This format allows for skills and techniques to be attached to previously learned material.  

Combined with the private lessons, this method of teaching helps raise the students’ learning curve dramatically. In the private lesson the student receives direct instruction, which insures proper mastery of skills. This also eliminates peer pressure and strengthens the bond between the student and the teacher.

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Great Instruction from People Who Care

All of our instructional staff has gone through special training and certification before they are allowed to teach.

Mr. John Bain is the Kancho (Head of the House) here at Plano Self Defense Studio and has been training in the martial arts since 1969.  Kancho Bain has been teaching the martial arts since 1986. 

He was brought to the Dallas-Fort Worth area by KICKSTART KIDS (formally known as Kick Drugs Out Of America) in 1998. His first five years was as the KDOOA Karate teacher at Bowman Middle School in the Plano Independent School District and for over 10 years has been a KSK Karate Instructor in the Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District.

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