About Us

Plano Self Defense has an exceptional teaching staff. We teach the Traditional Applied Martial Art (TAMA) styles of Go Hou Kan kenpo-jutsu and Pambuan Arnis. 

We do not just teach the movement of the art, but how to use martial art movements in multiple ways, and how to apply these in self defense situations.  Our instructors have been coached, mentored and taught by some of the most knowledgeable, esteemed, martial art masters and grandmasters in the world.  

We are more like extended family because of our student ratio and teaching style.  Our programs are all-inclusive - we do not, and will not, nickel and dime our students with hidden costs. 

Our Pledge

We pledge that the individualized training offered only at Plano Self Defense Studio will provide you with the best in self-defense and martial arts instruction.

·       We recognize each student as an individual with different needs, abilities, and emotions. We will utilize Plano Self Defense Studio’s unique combination of private instruction and group classes with each student to develop their maximum potential.

·       We treat all students with respect. The student is the most important person at Plano Self Defense Studio: he/she is the reason for our existence. No student need feel embarrassed about being a beginner; we were all beginners once.

·       We teach the martial arts solely for the purposes of defense. We convey an attitude of respect for the teachings of the martial arts and an understanding of the responsibility that a knowledge of the martial arts entails.

·       We recognize that each student comes to us with his/her needs, and our responsibility to deal with each student honestly, accurately and with integrity.


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