The Best of BOTH worlds

We Specialize in Private Instruction:

Each student studies privately (Families study together in a private Family group.) on a program individually designed to fit their personal needs. It is a unique concept of private attention that sets Plano Self Defense Studio apart from all other schools of self-defense.

Our teaching method is based on a layering format; learning the individual pieces of each new technique and then putting them together. This format allows for skills and techniques to be attached to previously learned material.  

Combined with the private lessons, this method of teaching helps raise the students’ learning curve dramatically. In the private lesson the student receives direct instruction, which insures proper mastery of skills. This also eliminates peer pressure and strengthens the bond between the student and the teacher.

We Specialize Group Instruction:

In conjunction with personalized private instruction, students will be training in group sessions designed to supplement their private classes. 

This combination of both private and group classes offers our students the most unique and versatile self-defense program available. 

Group classes emphasize the basics of kenpo jutsu/karate and body conditioning, resulting in improved flexibility, coordination, muscle tone and endurance.