Self Confidence Building

Plano Self Defense Studio offers special programs in building self confidence for children and adults. 

For years, coaches and counselors have referred people who need additional self confidence to train in the self-defense martial arts for the proven success methods.

Private lessons utilizing Plano Self Defense Studio’s unique training system enable the student to maximize self esteem and self confidence.

Our Classes

Principles of Curriculum

  • The curriculum should focus on powerful knowledge.
  • All students should experience a “Thinking Curriculum”.
  • The best results come from having an aligned instructional system.

Principles of Learning

  • Effort produces achievement.
  • Learning is about making connections.
  • We learn with and through others.
  • Learning takes time.
  • Motivation matters.

Principles of Teaching

  • The Teacher matters.
  • Focused teaching promotes accelerated learning
  • Clear expectations and continuous feedback activate learning.
  • Good teaching builds on students’ strengths and respects individuals’ differences.
  • Good teaching involves modeling what students should learn.