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Proudly serving the Dallas Metroplex, Plano Self-Defense is honored to be recognized throughout Texas and internationally.  We teach the martial arts solely for defense and we convey an attitude of respect.  We currently train adults, ages 16 and older, in a small semi-private group environment with additional private lessons geared to meet each individual students needs.

Our teaching method is based on a layering format; learning the individual pieces of each new technique. Techniques are put together in applications. The final layer is adding principles to each technique.  This format allows for skills and techniques to be attached to previously learned material.  Once a student has an understanding of techniques, applications, and principles, they are then encouraged to develop their own applications,

Combined with private lessons, this method of teaching helps raise the students’ learning curve dramatically.  In the private lesson, the student receives direct instruction which insures proper mastery of skills. This also eliminates peer pressure and strengthens the bond between student and teacher.

What Do We Teach?

Kenpo Jutsu


The word Kenpo is derived from the Chinese "quan" (拳) which can mean "curled hand", "fist", or "boxing", and "fa" (法) which means law, or method. Jutsu (術) can be translated as technique, skill, or science. "Fist Law Science" is an appropriate translation for Kenpo at Plano Self-Defense. We even refer to the head of our system often as "Professor."

Hawaiian-Chinese Kenpo focuses on five major areas, or methods, of self-defense:  striking, seizing, pressure points, weapons, and wellness.  

Pambuan Arnis

We provide separate class times for those interested only in training in Pambuan Arnis using single/double stick, knife, and flexible weapons. 

Pambuan Arnis is a Classical Arnis System from Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines. Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan inherited his family's system of Arnis from his father Lolo Guro Isidro Pambuan.

Qualified Instructors

Professor John Bain (R) and Mr. Adam Floyd (L)

Professor John Bain

10th Degree Black Belt

Founder of Hawaiian-Chinese Kenpo and Plano Self-Defense Studio.  Grand Master Bain has been training in the martial arts 50 years. 

He studied the Korean language at Yonsai University and Tae Kwon Do at the Korean National College of Physical Education in Seoul, South Korea. 

He has trained in Korean Martial Arts, Okinawan Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts and American Martial Arts. GM Bain holds multiple black belts and teaching certificates.  

In August 2019, Professor Bain retired as an Instructor for Chuck Norris’ KICKSTART KIDS Foundation and moved with his wife to the Philippines. 

Mr. Adam Floyd

5th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Floyd began learning martial arts in the 9th grade at a local Tae Kwon Do school.   After collgege he started training at Plano Self-Defense, and in 2007 Adam earned a 1st degree black belt in Kenpo Jutsu under Professor Bain. 

Mr. Kris Kelly

​3rd Degree Black Belt

​Kris joined Plano Self Defense just before his 40th birthday in 2008 , and is currently ranked a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Jutsu under Professor Bain. 


Our Pledge


We treat all students with respect. The student is the most important person at Plano Self-Defense: he/she is the reason for our existence. No student need feel embarrassed about being a beginner; we were all beginners once.

We recognize each student as an individual with different needs, abilities, and emotions. We will utilize Plano Self-Defense's unique combination of private instruction and group classes with each student to develop their maximum potential.

We pledge that the individualized training offered at Plano Self-Defense will provide you with the highest level in self-defense and martial arts instruction.​

Weekly Classes

We typically follow the Plano ISD holiday schedule, and do not train on those evenings.  Visitors please call ahead to verify class time. (972) 977-6972. 


Basic Training (Arnis & Kenpo)

7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

8:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Details


Basic Training (Arnis & Kenpo)

Advanced Class- training for upper belt ranks only

7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

8:15 pm - 9:00 pm


Basic Training (Arnis & Kenpo)

7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

8:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Details


Basic Training (Arnis & Kenpo)

 Advanced Class- training for upper belt ranks only 

7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

8:15 pm - 9:00 pm


Contact Us

If you have questions about the opportunities available to you in our program, send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Plano Self Defense

Villa Road, Dallas, Texas 75252, United States

Mr. Adam Floyd (972) 977-6972


Monday - Friday: 6pm - 9pm

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