Instructor Bios


Professor John Bain


The spark that started Grand Master Bain’s martial arts fire was the TV show “The Green Hornet.” This show co-starred the world famous martial artist Bruce Lee as Kato. This led him to his introduction to Tae Kwon-Do by Master Soo Young Cha at the age of 12. It was many years later while serving in the US Navy that his serious martial arts instruction began at the Chuck Norris Karate Studio in Norfolk, VA.

Upon his honorable discharge he went to Korea and studied the Korean language at Yonsai University and Tae Kwon Do at the Korean National College of Physical Education in Seoul, South Korea. This experience was priceless as it gave him a real insight into the Korean culture.

Upon returning to the United States, GM Bain set out to study and experience many other martial art systems. He has trained in Korean Martial Arts, Okinawan Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts and American Martial Arts.  GM Bain holds multiple black belts and teaching certificates. GM Bain has said, “I believe we must always keep the spirit of being a student, that way we can learn in all aspects of our life. My job is to give the best quality instruction and continue learning better ways to help my students and their families become winners in life.” In 1998 GM Bain came to the Dallas area as an Instructor for Chuck Norris’ KICKSTART KIDS Foundation.

Professor Bain has been married to the beautiful Debbie Bain for 25+ years. They have two adult daughters Caitlan and Thalia that are both black belts.  Professor Bain and his wife moved to the Philippines August 2019. 



  • World      Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame: Inducted Sept. 1998 – Master      Instructor of the Year
  • World      Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame: Nominated Sept. 1999.
  • World      Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame: Inducted Sept. 2000 – Millennium      Master Instructor
  • W.I.F.      International H. O. F.: Inducted 2001 – Lifetime Achievement Award:      Outstanding Community Service
  • Texas      Martial Arts Hall of Fame: Recognized May 2004
  • World      Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame: Inducted May 24th, 2008 – Founder of      the Year
  • Kenpo      International Hall of Fame: Inducted August 6th, 2011 – Sustaining Member

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
– Proverbs 27:17


Mr. Adam Floyd


  “You are going to have to work harder on your grades.” That is one of the first things that Adam Floyd heard when he walked into the local Tae Kwon Do studio as a high school student. It was not a new concept, but somehow it seemed more convincing coming from a black belt. Over the next year or so, martial arts training provided Adam with confidence and self-discipline, and he did work harder on his grades. In fact, he eventually paused his training to focus on his studies, which led to him graduating Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

After College, he met Guro John Bain, who not only had high dan ranking in Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do, but also in Chinese Kenpo, and the equivalent of dan ranking in Pambuan Arnis. Adam was amazed at Guro Bain’s deep understanding of so many facets of the martial arts: history, philosophy, art, science, application, law, and much more. He was also impressed and delighted that Guro Bain had a keen interest in pedagogy, which was evident in both his teaching style and the curricula he developed. Adam had the privilege of training directly with Guro - now Grandmaster - John Bain for 15 years before he retired to the Philippines, and it is under this leadership that Adam developed his skills in self-defense and a true appreciation for all that martial arts training entails. Adam is now a 5th degree black belt and his goal is to develop this same skill and appreciation in his students, building a world of confidence, one black belt at a time.


Mr. Kris Kelly


Kris' training in martial arts began in college over 30 years ago where he met a friend who studied Kung Fu.  His friend found out that Kris was interested in Law Enforcement and began to train him.  Kris also trained for a short time with a karate school, but college schedules and finances put a quick end to it.  

After graduating from Texas A&M, Kris did start a career in Law Enforcement, in 1991, and was exposed to certain defensive arts principles.  He now has over 25 years’ experience with one of the largest police departments in the country.  Kris has hundreds of training hours in intermediate and advanced defensive tactics, including empty hand, alternative/impact weapons, and firearms.  His career has also placed him in dozens real life defensive situations.  

Kris joined Plano Self Defense just a few days before his 40th birthday in 2008 with his six year old daughter after his wife had sent them to try a class.  His daughter stopped after four years of training- but will still critique his form.  Kris is currently ranked a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Jutsu under Professor Bain.  Kris was honored to receive a basic and single stick certification in Pambuan Arnis from Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan in 2017, through the diligent teaching of Kuya Guro John.

Kris has been married to his wonderful wife Melissa for over 25 years. Together they have two daughters and a son.